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Kyäni Business Opportunity

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More Health

Kyäni has developed a simple, yet extraordinary nutritional system that has helped hundreds of thousands around the world to achieve optimal health. After years of extensive research, Kyäni assembled the most remarkable Superfoods and botanicals from around the world to form the Triangle of Health – three products that work together to optimize wellness in a way that only Kyäni has achieved.

More Wealth

Kyäni’s strategy is to attract the very best business partners. We created a series of revenue streams that would provide flexibility in how our partners build their Kyäni businesses. Business Partners can build income quickly with cash flow growing in size and stability. The Kyäni philosophy is to build a strong business once, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of business ownership for a lifetime.

Compensation Plan Overview

More Life

Enjoy the freedom of working your own hours and spending time on the things that really matter – family, friends, and good health. With Kyäni’s unmatched Dream Car Program, exotic retreats, and lucrative compensation, Kyäni helps you create the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of! Join today and start to Experience More!

Gary & Nimah Bottema

Welcome to the Kyani Connection website. We are part of a community of life-minded people focused on just one thing: making your life better today.  To learn more about the Kyani opportunity, click the button below.

Kyäni Bonuses

Fast Start

Achieve the rank of Jade in your first 31 days and get a one-time, Fast Start Bonus of $100. Maintain Jade or higher in the next 2 calendar months and receive $200, $300 respectively.

Power Play Fast Start

You can double your Fast Start bonus with the Power Play. Run the Power Play in your first 31 days for an extra $100. In your first full calendar month afterward, maintain your three Customers and Distributors and help one of your recruits run the Power Play for an extra $200. Help your other two recruits run the Power
Play the following calendar month to earn an extra $700, doubling your total Fast Start bonus.

Kyäni Dream Car Program

The “Kyäni Drive Your Dream Car” program is tiered, beginning at Sapphire (only 10,000 QV) with $500 to $10,000.

Rank Bonus

Achieve new ranks and receive one-time cash bonus:

 Emerald               $5,000
 Blue Diamond          $25,000
 Purple Diamond        $100,000
 Double Red Diamond    $500,000
 Double Black Diamond  $1,000,000

Diamond Bonus Pools

Diamond Pool

  • Earn a share(s) of 1.5% of Global CV

Red Diamond Pool

  • Earn a share(s) of 0.5% Global CV

Infinity Bonus

Become Black Diamond or above and earn 1% of your downline CV monthly.

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